Mini 150ma Solar USB charger

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Mini 150ma Solar USB charger

Postby cottonpickers » Tue May 21, 2013 8:12 pm

Bug out special!!

This is my new 'Baby Panel' replacing the old 70ma, 100ma and 200ma panels.
Its designed to be very compact at less than 9.5cm x 8.5cm (less than 4inch x 3.5inch) and weighs just 35g (1.25oz) Its perfect for charging up small cells as it will limit the current of my chargers to 150ma maximum. Designed to be portable and easy to pop in a bug out bag.


I'm going to offer this in a few combinations: Bare Panel; With a small charger; and with a small slip case as well as a li-ion charger. The USB port is protected by the 3D Printed cover, and includes a blocking diode. The slip case will come in the current colour set I think looks good, or I'm happy to use your colour combination if I have the cloth - just let me know!

Can you charge phones and other USB stuff with this charger? or just Li-ions?
You can charge anything that is happy with the low 150ma current. Small rechargeable MP3 Players and GPS devices will likely be fine. Many phones will charge very slowly. It won't charge anything Apple.

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