LiFePO4 charger ( solar, TEG, dynamo )

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LiFePO4 charger ( solar, TEG, dynamo )

Postby mr.jb.swe » Thu Oct 23, 2014 6:55 pm


Does anyone have suggestions on a small LiFePO4 charger circuit ? ( intended for 5-6V solar panels )
Something similar to TP4056 but for LiFePO4 would be very interesting

So far, I have just found the TP5000
This circuit has a huge drawback will stop charging once the current is below a certain threshold..useless for solar charger !? ( is there a workaround ? )

Why LiFePO4 ? ... zqFsY&t=53
They kick ass and have long shelf life, many charge cycles >2000.. ( +7000 with A123 )

I also think it's important to try to catch most of available current when sun,heat or motion is the source. This inevitably means larger batteries higher charge currents => LiFeO4

My primary use cases are flashlight and gps ....the rest is considered secondary fun use. I prefer a single cell system ...where I sometimes may combine my LiFePO4 cells into a 12V ( or whatever I need ). And I always have the option to use a step-up from a single cell LiFePO4.

Fore those who are into flashlight....a Cree XML-l2 with good cooling could be connected directly to a LiFePO4 ( no driver )....but it's more of an emergency option
It's also worth to notice a LiFePO4 can deliver more amp than you'll need ( how about soldering or even spot welding int the field )

MPPT ( nice to have when the solar panel voltage is much higher than 1.2xbattery float voltage ) ... aperID=725 ... ar-charger


been there done that

liFePO4 ... imDrew.pdf ... oard/36740 ...

li-ion ... %20UK.html ... p-992.html

NiMh ... c401fs.php
:) 1Charger to rule them all

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