FS: Cottonpickers Magnetic Solar iPad Cover

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FS: Cottonpickers Magnetic Solar iPad Cover

Postby cottonpickers » Tue Oct 30, 2012 12:23 pm

This is a 1200ma (or 1.2amp) panel bonded to a magnetic ipad cover. I think its the highest current solar cover by some margin. Due to some losses you likely won't see the full 1.2amp into the iPad, but today (30 Oct) in UK I see over 850ma into mine.

Be aware that the ipad3 has 'sticky' charging. If cloud covers the sun and lowers the charging rate it remembers this lower rate even if the sun comes out again and will charge at the lower rate. To remedy you need to unplug and replug back in to get the full rate again, or put up with lower rate. So best way to use this is to sit it facing the sun, then plug in the connector to charge and avoid shading it with your body or orbjects.

Below 820ma it will say 'not charging' but actually charges fine. Above 820ma you will see the Charging sign.

Size is the size of the ipad cover.
weight is 340g.


Price Including postage: £26.99 to UK
Price including postage: £28.99 to EU
Price including postage: £29.99 (or in US Dollars, $49) everywhere else in the world

Paypal address: Image
How to order: Send payment via paypal and put 'Solar iPad Cover' in the paypal Notes field. For your protection, please don't use Paypal gift. If you also want confirmation when its posted, please just post a short reply to here with a note saying payment sent and include your forum name in the paypal note field, I'll then reply here when its in the post box..

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